Top 5 Books to Have on Your Baby’s Bookshelf

You’re never too young for books! In fact, reading to your baby is one of the best things you can do for them. Not only does reading to your little one stimulate brain development, strengthen your bond and help develop language skills, it also instills the love of reading at a very young age. There are even statistics out there that support the claim that reading to your newborn could translate into a toddler, child, teen and even adult, who loves to read. What’s better than that?

There are so many books out there geared towards babies and children. To help you get your book collection started, we’ve created a guide of the top 5 books to have on your baby’s bookshelf.


1. But I’m Too Little

This book happens to have been written by Mama Llama’s very own founder, Kimberly Spencer. It’s in an inspiring tale of a little girl who decides she can do anything, regardless of her size or age.



2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Not sure about you, but I remember this book when I was a child! A classic picture book about everyone’s favorite caterpillar – this one will never not make it on our list.



3. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

This is another wonderful book of illustrations by Eric Carle. Although this book has been around for some time, it will still wow your baby and you!



4. Goodnight Moon

Are you noticing a trend that most of our favorites have been around awhile? Goodnight Moon only dates back to 2007, however, it is beloved by generations of readers with its quiet poetry and beautiful illustrations – the perfect book before your baby drifts off to sleep.



5. Leo Loves Baby Time

This book is perfect for cheering up! Leo Loves Baby Time takes a peek into a day in the life of a child of color and brings smiles and laughs to those reading it.


So there you have it – Mama Llama’s top 5 books to have on your baby’s bookshelf. You can never go wrong with reading to your child and with the plethora of baby books out there, you’re bound to receive several at your baby shower or as you welcome your baby into the world. Take advantage of whatever you receive and read to your baby on a daily basis if you can. In no time at all you’ll be able to see the effects – your baby’s horizons will be expanded right before your eyes.

Happy reading!!

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