How to Design the Perfect Nursery

Baby on the way? Congratulations! What an exciting time to be living through as you get ready to welcome new life into your world. The list of things you have to get done before your newborn arrives is endless however, one of the biggest hurdles is creating/designing a nursery. To make this challenge easier, Mama Llama has put together tips on how to design the perfect nursery. Check them out:

Choose a Specific Style/Theme

Although you can get away with mixing different concepts in the nursery, it may make your life easier if you choose a specific style or theme and stick to it. Doing this will help you narrow your focus, create a more cohesive design and make picking out what you want to buy easier. Want to do a floral theme for your new baby girl? Run with it – floral everywhere!

Designate a Feeding/Nursing Station

When you’re designing the space, make sure to designate an area for feeding and/or nursing. If you are unprepared and don’t have this space designated once baby comes, you’ll find yourself picking random places throughout the house that aren’t nearly as comfortable as what could have been created in the nursery. Feeding and nursing your newborn are big bonding moments, so make sure this is a priority on your nursery design list.

Don’t Forget the Blackout Curtains

This tip is often overlooked, or not even thought of, until your baby won’t take a nap during the day because of the light coming through the windows. Get ahead of this challenge early on by purchasing and hanging blackout curtains. There are several great options out there that are also aesthetically pleasing so you don’t have to skimp on design.

Pick Your Textiles Before Your Paint

Believe it or not, many nurseries are designed around a specific print found on curtains, bedding or even baby clothes. To avoid having to repaint the nursery, choose the textiles that are designating your theme BEFORE choosing paint color. Once you’re sold on a specific print or style, feel free to move forward with choosing the paint color.

Determine a Focal Point

Just like any bedroom in your house, you should determine a focal point when designing your nursery. You’ll find that most nurseries are centered around the crib, but this doesn’t have to always be the case. Windows, an alcove or even a signature piece of furniture make for great focal points too, so keep this tip in your back pocket when assessing the room and layout.

Incorporate Multi-Functional Pieces

Typically, the nursery isn’t the largest room in your house. On the contrary, it’s probably one of the smallest bedrooms you have available. That being said, it’s best to make as much use out of the small space as possible by choosing furniture pieces that serve multiple functions. For instance, side tables that open up to reveal more storage or a lamp that can be swiveled from area to area in order to shed light where needed. Maximize this space – you only have so much of it!

Think Long Term

As much as you want your newborn to stay tiny forever, unfortunately, your baby will grow at a rapid pace. Make sure the nursery also has room to grow. Eventually, the bassinet-style crib you chose will have to be swapped out for a toddler bed so when designing ask yourself if you’ve left enough room for that transition. By thinking ahead you’ll get more bang for your buck and less headaches later on.

Preparing for your newborn isn’t easy – you’re scared and excited, have friends and family giving you advice constantly and on top of that, have to prepare your home for a new life. Use these “how to design the perfect nursery” tips from Mama Llama to ease the stress of designing the nursery. It should be a fun, creative process. Not a process where you want to pull your hair out. Happy designing!

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