5 Adorable Ways to Celebrate Your Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and love is in the air! There is nothing like celebrating love, especially with the one you love the most – your newborn! Are you looking for ways to make your baby’s first Valentine’s Day special and of course, memorable? Like always, Mama Llama has your back! Here are 5 adorable ways to celebrate your baby’s first Valentine’s Day:

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Plan a Themed Photoshoot

Let’s be real. As a new parent, you’re always looking for more reasons to take pictures of your new bundle of joy. It’s just part of being a new parent when you are in complete awe of what you created. Why not use Valentine’s Day as one of those excuses?

Fill your home, or a photographer’s studio, with love via a Valentine’s Day themed shoot starring your baby! Not only is the theme a blast to plan around and decorate for, you’ll cherish the photos for years to come.

Need some inspiration for the shoot? Pinterest never fails!

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Play Dress Up

If you don’t want to go all out on a photoshoot, it’s just as much fun to play dress up with your baby for the day! You could even snap your own pictures while your baby’s dressed in their outfit.

Lucky for you, this Valentine’s Day celebration idea is easy. Stores are filled with Valentine’s Day themed baby outfits almost a month prior to the holiday. And of course, there’s always trusty online stores and boutiques to shop at for the perfect outfit!


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Decorate the Nursery

Another fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your newborn is to have fun decorating the nursery with on-theme decor! From playful wall decor to swapping out accessories and nursery items (such as your breastfeeding pillow) with ones that are red and pink, this is an easy way to bring the holiday to your baby. This is also a great opportunity to test your own crafty skills if you’d rather DIY than buy.


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Get Your Reading On

If you know anything about us, you know Mama Llama is a major supporter of reading to babies of all ages. A really fun way to celebrate this holiday of love is to read your baby a few Valentine’s Day themed books, such as Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Another great Valentine’s Day book to try is Llama Llama I Love You. Remember, it is never to early to start reading to your little one!

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Get Crafty with a Heartfelt Gift

Although your baby may be too little to create their own crafty gift for mom and dad, you can gift something to your significant other that you help create along with your baby. For example, this cute little handprint pictured above. Or, if you plan to do a photoshoot like we mentioned above, you can always do it a couple weeks early and surprise your significant other with the pictures on Valentine’s Day. Either way, gifting something crafty and thoughtful that has to do with your newborn is not only heartfelt, but will encourage craftiness from your little one when they are old enough to create something themselves. Might as well start ’em young!

Now, are you ready to take on Valentine’s Day as a new parent? With these 5 adorable ways to celebrate your baby’s first valentine’s day from Mama Llama, you’re more than prepared! Above all else, just make sure to have fun with the day and really soak in all the memories you’ll be creating with your little one. Time flies and these are the things you’ll cherish when you look back in a few years. Happy Valentine’s Day from Mama Llama!

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