Owner of Mama Llama and the creator of The Chase pillow.

Mama Llama was born out of an experience the creator and founder, Kimberly Spencer, had while providing nanny services for families in Denver, CO. Although not a mother herself, when Kimberly would bottle feed three-month-old Chase while on the job, she noticed back pain and had to use several different pillows and methods to gain some kind of comfort. Along with trying pillows she had at her disposal, she also searched high and low in-stores and online for a pillow that would aid in her pain. Unfortunately, Kimberly kept coming up short. She then started wondering how many other nannies, mothers, dads, grandparents, etc were dealing with a similar issue…


With some quick research and asking around in her network, she quickly realized the pain complaints related to bottle feeding and breastfeeding were endless. This is when Kimberly decided to fill the “comfortable baby feeding pillow” gap by designing one that meets the needs of all feeders and all babies. 

To start, she went to Joann’s fabric store and hand sewed her very first prototype.  The pillow turned out to be a hit amongst nannies and moms Kim had connections with. Not only was it curing their back, arm, and neck pain, many other use cases were discovered such as providing relief to expecting mothers that haven’t been able to get comfortable while sleeping.

The Chase Pillow eventually made it into the hands of a Nanny Care Specialist. The feedback? “I will absolutely buy this pillow if you create and sell it.”


After three sewing classes to learn how to sew and create the pillow, here we are: With a patent-pending, proven to relieve pain, baby feeding pillow that we’re proud to say is fit for any and everyone.